Summer bucket list

A couple weeks ago I decided to make a summer bucket list. Now I’ve completed a couple of them so I guess in a way it’s cheating. I also added some of the things I never did from my bucket list I had back in 2011.

I wanted to think of 24 things to do in honor of my 24th birthday (this week).

Let me know if you want to do any of these things with me! =)


1. See Vanderbilt play in the Regionals and Super Regionals (completed 05/31/13-06/03/13 and 06/08-06/09)

2. See Carrie Underwood perform at the Grand Ole Opry (completed 06/07/13)

3. Make myself a Vanderbilt themed birthday cake

4. Participate in the Glo Run

5. Check out a book club meeting

6. Go cosmic bowling – 10 pin style

7. Check out CMA Festival (completed 06/09/13)

8. Bake cupcakes for work – preferably these ( or these (

9. Go to movies in the park

10. Volunteer at different events

11. Acquire as many free t-shirts as possible from volunteering at said events

12. Make at least 2 pinterest crafts for my bedroom

13. Go to Falls Creek Falls

14. Make homemade ice cream

15. Experience bonjo java breakfast

16. Go to a Nashville Sounds game

17. Go to a Nashville Farmer’s market and then have a picnic in the park

18. See a drive in movie

19. Pick my own fruit

20. Go to the World Music and Food International Festival

21. Make pizza from scratch

22. Go to the Bluebird Cafe

23. Go to at least 1 meetup event that puts me outside of my comfort zone

24. Have fun!


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